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How to Work Out Twice a Day the Right Way

By: Nicole McDermott

1. Find Balance
If planning to exercise more than once a day, avoid overtraining by balancing workouts between high intensity and lower intensity. Ramp up intensity, duration, and frequency carefully since small steps will help prevent injury and allow the body to recover [3]. Most of us should probably avoid two consecutive vigorous or long workouts in the same day, such as running a ten-miler then hitting up a cycling class, to avoid what’s known as overtraining syndrome (though it all depends on individual fitness level and experience) [4].

2. Space It Out
Allow adequate time between single workouts (experts suggest four to six hours). There’s no exact rule of thumb, though some trainers advocate two daysbetween workouts involving the same muscle group. If performance starts to decrease from workout to workout, it’s probably a good idea to take a few more rest days [5].

3. Fuel Up
Maximize exercise sessions with pre- and post- workout snacks. Check out our super-detailed guide to workout nutrition to make sure you’re capitalizing on that last gym session. And don’t forget to hydrateA glass (or more) of water is just as important as that beloved protein shake. In fact exercising when the water tank is low can cause greater damage to muscles and make it harder for them to repair [6].

4. Sleep Like a Pro
Studies suggest too little and poor quality sleep can make it harder for us to recover and perform during future workouts [7] [8]. (Check out these super easy ways to sleep better tonight!)

5. Prioritize Recovery
Treat yourself to a little self-myofascial release with one of these recovery tools. And take a day off! If you’ve put in a ton of hours during the week lifting weights, and killin’ it in zumba class, there’s nothing wrong with taking a break. A day off doesn’t mean you’ve got to post up on the couch all day, but a walk with the dog or some light stretching will help the body prep for upcoming workouts. It’s all about listening to your body.

(via The Ultimate Guide to Gym Etiquette | Greatist)
(Click to read article)

(via The Ultimate Guide to Gym Etiquette | Greatist)

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Marathoner Sets Course Record, Is Named Winner, Realizes He Accidentally Ran The Half-Marathon Route

By: Barry Petchesky

Yesterday looked like it was going to be a hell of a day for Olok Nykew, a 37-year-old St. Paul man who was running the Sioux Falls Marathon. Barely tired, Nykew suddenly spotted the finish line ahead, with no other runners around him. Had he really run 26.2 miles? It didn’t feel that way, but the cheers of the crowd and the reactions of the race organizers made him think maybe, just maybe, he had run the race of his life, shattering the course record by 25 minutes.

What’s the first thing he said as he crossed the finish line?

"Maybe I’m lost, I don’t know."

Not lost, just not on time. Nykew had shown up to the start 45 minutes late, 45 minutes after all the marathoners had begun. Instead he started with the half-marathoners, whose course would overlap with the full one, and end at the same spot. He didn’t realize the problem, even though the marathoners and half-marathoners were wearing different-colored bibs.

Organizers didn’t immediately figure it out either. They only knew that Nykew had been registered as a full marathoner, and here he was, finishing about 2:06 after the full marathon starting gun, a world-class time.

"I thought what is this? When I got there I thought it was not long enough. I’m thinking I’m not cheating. I was just confused. It was an honest mistake," he said.

Officials had been monitoring the lead pack, and hadn’t seen Nykew go by, so they knew something was up. It was all sorted out, the real winner identified, and Nykew was disqualified—he doesn’t even get to keep his 80-minute half-marathon time.


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